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Struggles Of A Common Man

“Common man” is the one who is the most disturbed person on this planet. He is not poor but not rich either. This person is stuck between these two kinds of people and we usually call them the Middle Class People. Middle class people faces problem in everything and everyday. If the price of certain things like fruits, vegetables, cereals and basic needs like petrol goes up these people are the most affected group because a poor man may not have a bike or scooter so he doesn’t care about the hike in the prices of petrol while the rich man will see no difference in paying 5-6 rs more per litre on petrol but in the case of a middle class man he will start calculating the amount he has to pay now for the same quantity of petrol that he used everyday.

  1. Middle class persons are slaves of their superior, they take orders and work for the upper class people. 
  2. Their thinking is that if you get a job, it means you are well settled they never try to look beyond that, working in the same position and never thinking of an upgrade even if he has the potential to work hard and earn a better living. 
  3. Middle class people are never satisfied with anything they want new trending things but ends up buying the outdated version because it got cheaper with time. 
  4. Never want to give a single penny to any other person but doing all the things and work yourself to save money.
  5. Finding flaw in everything which we wanted to buy but can’t buy it because it is very costly.
  6. Before buying anything searching for the same thing with different prices and after that bargaining even on the lowest price.
  7. Going for a dinner and before ordering looking at the menu for the cheapest dish or cuisine available there.
  8. Always buying things on installments and giving interest for the same product for years.
  9. Always comparing their life with others life and hoping to get that life without moving forward to try out something new.
  10. Limit themselves in everything, they have a restricting barrier and they do not want to go out of that limit whether it is shopping, eating, using any product and many more things are there.

These people have the most stressful lives because they think too much on a specific topic before doing it. That’s the main reason why middle class people are born middle class live middle class and die middle class because they don’t want to make an extra effort to achieve something more in their life. Thinking of these people have restricted them and they have developed a mind that they will not be able to succeed in any other field. Hard working is a good point but you also need to be a smart worker to achieve other heights. This point separates the middle class from the upper class. If a middle class person makes a decision that he can do it and he can be more successful than anyone else because he is a hard worker and putting some smart work for him will bring him success and life that he always dreamed of.

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Discussion On Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung recently dropped his flagship Galaxy S10 in the market which is a successor to the Galaxy S9 which was released in the previous year. This time samsung came with a bezel less device which according to samsung is almost 30 % faster than his previous year release Samsung Galaxy S9. You can see the top and bottom notch in the display of Samsung Galaxy S9 which is now removed by Samsung to make it a bezel less device. Samsung is working on his top series which are the Note and the S series to bring the best product in the market for all its customers. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 marks the 10th anniversary of the Samsung S series and Samsung released 4 models to celebrate the anniversary with Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 5g. These high end devices from samsung received thumbs up from almost every one. Samsung Devices are known for their very bright and best display and Samsung deliver exactly what we expect from such a big brand. The display quality is superb and the image quality is al;os very high and very clear. It is definitely faster from its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S9 an S9 Plus, with an on screen fingerprint scanner which is currently best among all the devices that are offering this feature.

Let’s take a look at its specifications and features :- 

Display Type : Amoled Capacitive touchscreen, 16M Colors

Display Size : 6.1 inches

Display Protection : Corning Gorilla Glass 6 (Front)

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 (Back)

Pixel Density : ~550 ppi


Body Weight : 157 grams

Sim Card : SIngle Sim (Nano), Hybrid Dual Sim (Nano)

OS : Android 9.0 (pie)

Chipset : Exynos 9820

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (USA and China variant)

CPU Speed : 2.7ghz

Processor cores : Octa core

Ram : 8 GB

Rom : Internal – 128/512 GB

Expandable – Upto 1 TB (dual sim model only)

Bluetooth : 5.0

WLAN : Wifi 802.11 Hotspot, Wi-Fi-Direct

NFC : Yes

GPS : Yes

Sensors : Fingerprint (under display), Heart rate, Accelerometer, Compass, 

Proximity, Gyro, Barometer

Camera : Main – 12Mp+12Mp+16Mp (Triple Camera)

Front – 10 Mp (Single)

Battery : 3400 mAh Battery ( non-removable)

Charging : Fast Charging  2.0

Features : 1. Dust/Water Proof (IP 68)

2. Always On Display

3. Samsung Pay

4. Dolby Atmos/AKG Sound

5. 3.5mm Jack

6. Bixby Voice Support

7. Samsung DeX

8. USB 3.1 (Type C)

9. Radio (USA and CANADA)

With all these features and specifications, this device delivers the best performance to its users and you will feel satisfied investing your money on this device. You can buy this device online from Samsung site or you can buy it from different online shopping portals.

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Pc Games That We Always Enjoyed

We all loved to play games on our PC from childhood but there are some games which were loved by all and played and enjoyed by almost every child in his childhood. Let’s talk about some of the games :-

Counter Strike

Counter Strike was first released into the year 2000 and it was loved by the starting by all thc children around the globe. A first person shooting games which became popular and went to become the most loved game because of its easy to understand interface, entertaining missions and addictive gameplay. This game came in the 2000 but still many people even today plays this game.

GTA : Vice City

Grand Theft Auto which got released in 2002 is one of the most played games by all, published by Rockstar games this game was a superhit among all the children because of its gameplay type, background music, entertaining missions and most importantly we all loved it because of its cheat codes. You can drive a car over water, make them fly, buy a house or a car, drive anything you want, even fly a helicopter, this game is truly amazing and entertaining. 

Super Mario Bros

I bet every single person has loved this game and completed it till last but even after that played it many times from the starting without getting bored of this. Super Mario Bros is the successor to the Super Mario developed and published by Nintendo. You can play this game on a single and multiplayer manner. Not that good graphics, very simple gameplay, nothing interesting as compared to the big names yet this game was a super hit.

Need For Speed : Most Wanted

A car racing game by EA ( Electronics Art ) which is considered to be the best car racing game of all time and which is even the best NEED FOR SPEED ever released, this game got released in 2005. NFS is a long series of car racing which was started in  the year 1994 as THE NEED FOR SPEED now they have a list of 23 parts of this series. Need for speed : Most Wanted became famous for its amazing graphics, pursuit chases in the game, drifting events and most importantly customizable fast cars.

Road Rash

Road Rash another hit from the developer and publisher Electronic Arts is a bike racing game that we all must have played in our childhood. This game was all abunt illegal racing on the streets and moving up to another level. Game got introduced in the 1991 was praised by every person at that time. Admit it we all loved to beat the policeman and always took his weapon from him. Maybe this game is now outdated by it is still entertaining and worth playing.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3is the third installment to the Tekken series by NAMCO which was released in 1997. Tekken which was the first part of this fighting game was released in 1994. Even a movie is made on this game. We all played this game and completed this on the same day itself in an hour or before. This game became popular because of its characters and the powers that the character possessed. Most of the people liked the character of Jin and Paul of this game. Currently 10 Tekken Games are in the market to play.

These are some of the games that we all must have played in our childhood and if you have never played these games you missed out something special. Play these games and tell me in the comment bow which one was your favourite.

Holiday Destination – Maldives

Maldives is a beautiful Country of South Asia and the most beautiful tourist spot. Composed of 1000 coral islands Maldives is famous for its “Beautiful Beaches”, “Blue Ocean”, “Fresh and Clean Air”,” A favourable Climate” for all its visitors. You can do many water activities in maldives like “Kite boarding”, “WindSurfing”, “Swimming”, “Scuba Diving”, “Water Skiing”. It is the best Honeymoon destinations according to some sources. Tourism sector is the main source of income for Maldives. 

You need at least 4-5 days of stay at maldives if you want to enjoy every single pie that you have spent on this tour. Beautiful accommodations are provided to all the visitors and you can even enjoy many activities in your own accommodation. Maldives is considered to be one of the most expensive places you will ever visit but once you have visited this place you will definitely not regret spending your money here. People from all around the world come to visit maldives and mostly honeymoon couples prefer maldives for a romantic vacation. “Fihalhohi Island” is said to be the best island if you are visiting maldives for the purpose of honeymoon. You will fall in love with the beauty and climate of this country. Going with your loved one here will make it a memorable moment and a memorable tour for your whole life.

Best time to visit maldives is between november to april where you will be able to see clear skies, clean water, fresh air, sunny and dry days. A favourable climate at this time of the year attracts many people all around the world. You can get the tour package of maldives from every tour planner. You can customize your tour according to yourself and you can choose your accommodation which fits in your budget and fulfill your needs. If you want to enjoy maldives you need at least 1 to 1.5 lakh per person to enjoy the best accommodation and best services. Do not get upset you can get a package with 50-60k per person as well but the services and accommodation will be a little different but never the less you will still enjoy your trip here.

There are no big nightclubs for parties in maldives but you will definitely enjoy the nightlife while doing many other things like you can go for night fishing, you can go for a romantic date with your partner, you can enjoy the calmness of this place sitting and talking to someone special beside you. You can enjoy crab racing event there at night. You can go for an underwater party and jungle room to have more fun. 

In the day time you can go in the local market and do the shopping, go for fishing, water sport activities, eat their famous street food and if you are visiting Maldives you should try their traditional Maldivian Cuisine. If you are planning a trip and you have never visited this place, I would suggest you to visit it and experience the beauty of this place once in your lifetime.

Hope you all loved this article and book your tickets for Maldives if you are planning for a vacation. Thank you so much for reading this. Comment down your experience and views on Maldives.

How Smartphones Are Affecting Our Life?

Smartphones are the need and demand of current generation and time, without smartphones we all feel very incomplete like we are missing something really important. Smartphones if used for some specific time in a day and for something important is very useful but overuse of this technology can be very harmful for everyone and most of the people are overusing it. With a smartphone you can do work within a few seconds or minutes, it comes with a handy nature which makes it even more popular but with the advantages come the disadvantages too. A smartphone can completely ruin your life and makes you a non productive person. 

Even though I was one of the people who were really addicted to this, I spent my whole day at home just looking at the screen watching videos, playing games, texting, social media. It was really hard to concentrate on anything else at that time but somehow I managed to divert my mind on something more productive and got free from this addiction. Now I Always not to use my smartphone for every small thing instead i prefer using some other sort of thing. 

How smartphones can affect you?

  • Smartphone can create a mental disturbance in you mind and you will feel very tired all day.
  • The rays coming from the display of you smartphones can be harmful if it is used for a prolonged period of time.
  • Smartphone can ruin a relationship with person. Spend more time talking to the other person not looking at your phone while you are together.
  • Your sleep will be compromised, you will not be able to sleep properly if you are using your phone too much.
  • Smartphones are affecting the life of small children, most of the children are addicted to smartphones samed rather than going out for playing games.  
  • Social media apps have ruined the lives of many people, what’s the purpose of clicking pictures of your food? Are you a food blogger or what? Are you getting paid for that? Biggest nonsense thing people do.
  • Making use of smartphone where it is restricted just to post it on social media and make it viral. Hungry for likes!!
  • Radiations of these smartphones are making it worse for other living creatures too.
  • You are getting more and more dumber with overuse of smartphone, Like If 4 friends want to split a bill amount they will not do it manually they will go for calculator even for splitting a simple amount.
  •  Smartphones are the reason behind many accidents on the roads.  

This technology came to make our lives more simple and convenient but we are using it more for our personal entertainment. You can use it for your entertainment as well but not for the whole day, invest you time on something more important which will give you something in return. Keep your smartphones away from your children let them go out and play outside and learn something new and develop their minds.

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The Car Show : Dodge Challenger Demon

Dodge Challenger introduced to the market for the first time in 1969-1970 is said to be the Most Powerful Muscle Car. First generation of Challenger series started from 1969 and continued till 1974. First generation Dodge became the biggest rival to Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro which were introduced before Challenger. Challenger with more luxury interior and more space inside was the best selling car among these three. After this success Dodge introduced the Second generation of  challenger series in 1978 which continued till 1983 but this time Dodge changed the engines and look and made it a subcompact car for all. 

After a long time in 2008 Dodge made a comeback in the market with a brand new look which is completely different from the First and second generation challengers. This time Challenger came with 2 doors and an engine built for power. With every year passing we were seeing a change in the concept and power of this series, engines were upgrading, comfort level gone up and in 2018 Dodge introduced the most powerful challenger and muscle car ever produced DODGE CHALLENGER SRT DEMON. 

This time Dodge made the most powerful V8 engine which has the ability to generate a horsepower of 840. With an 8 speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and a 770 lb-ft supercharged 6.2 litre V8 engine makes it the most powerful Muscle car ever made. You can say that this is an upgraded version of 2015s Dodge Challenger Hellcat which has the ability to generate 707 hp power from his supercharged V8 engine under the hood. But the Demon being 98 kg lighter than the Hellcat is more luxurious, more powerful, more reliable and more fast than all its previous versions. With the purchase of Demon user receives a Demon crate with Demon track pack system, Toolbox and many more other things. Made especially for the drag racing Demon goes from 0-60 mph in justb 2.3 seconds and completes a quarter mile in just 9.65 seconds with 140 mph. First ever production car which can lift front wheel as high as 2.92m

However this car was discontinued by Dodge as some sources said that it is way to powerful for the drag race format but the main reason behind that the challenger lacks in the safety segment. This car is a beast and if you are driving a beast you need to be safe inside before taking it out for a ride. The last Demon was sold in an auction along side with Dodge Viper. Now the Demon is banned from the public roads but Dodge is working on another model of Dodge Challenger and let’s see how dodge will make a comeback with his new and improved version of Challenger. Maybe it is banned now but this V8 engine defeated many V12 engines in a drag race an no other muscle car is able to match the power of this Beast. 

Hope you all liked the article and I will be posting more interesting and entertaining article for all. Thank you so much for reading this and if you have something to say please write it down in the comment box below.