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Struggles Of A Common Man

“Common man” is the one who is the most disturbed person on this planet. He is not poor but not rich either. This person is stuck between these two kinds of people and we usually call them the Middle Class People. Middle class people faces problem in everything and everyday. If the price of certain things like fruits, vegetables, cereals and basic needs like petrol goes up these people are the most affected group because a poor man may not have a bike or scooter so he doesn’t care about the hike in the prices of petrol while the rich man will see no difference in paying 5-6 rs more per litre on petrol but in the case of a middle class man he will start calculating the amount he has to pay now for the same quantity of petrol that he used everyday.

  1. Middle class persons are slaves of their superior, they take orders and work for the upper class people. 
  2. Their thinking is that if you get a job, it means you are well settled they never try to look beyond that, working in the same position and never thinking of an upgrade even if he has the potential to work hard and earn a better living. 
  3. Middle class people are never satisfied with anything they want new trending things but ends up buying the outdated version because it got cheaper with time. 
  4. Never want to give a single penny to any other person but doing all the things and work yourself to save money.
  5. Finding flaw in everything which we wanted to buy but can’t buy it because it is very costly.
  6. Before buying anything searching for the same thing with different prices and after that bargaining even on the lowest price.
  7. Going for a dinner and before ordering looking at the menu for the cheapest dish or cuisine available there.
  8. Always buying things on installments and giving interest for the same product for years.
  9. Always comparing their life with others life and hoping to get that life without moving forward to try out something new.
  10. Limit themselves in everything, they have a restricting barrier and they do not want to go out of that limit whether it is shopping, eating, using any product and many more things are there.

These people have the most stressful lives because they think too much on a specific topic before doing it. That’s the main reason why middle class people are born middle class live middle class and die middle class because they don’t want to make an extra effort to achieve something more in their life. Thinking of these people have restricted them and they have developed a mind that they will not be able to succeed in any other field. Hard working is a good point but you also need to be a smart worker to achieve other heights. This point separates the middle class from the upper class. If a middle class person makes a decision that he can do it and he can be more successful than anyone else because he is a hard worker and putting some smart work for him will bring him success and life that he always dreamed of.

Thank you for reading this article and if you are reading this and you know people like this share it with them and let  them know their hidden potential. If you want to say anything to me you cancomment it down in the comment box.