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Pc Games That We Always Enjoyed

We all loved to play games on our PC from childhood but there are some games which were loved by all and played and enjoyed by almost every child in his childhood. Let’s talk about some of the games :-

Counter Strike

Counter Strike was first released into the year 2000 and it was loved by the starting by all thc children around the globe. A first person shooting games which became popular and went to become the most loved game because of its easy to understand interface, entertaining missions and addictive gameplay. This game came in the 2000 but still many people even today plays this game.

GTA : Vice City

Grand Theft Auto which got released in 2002 is one of the most played games by all, published by Rockstar games this game was a superhit among all the children because of its gameplay type, background music, entertaining missions and most importantly we all loved it because of its cheat codes. You can drive a car over water, make them fly, buy a house or a car, drive anything you want, even fly a helicopter, this game is truly amazing and entertaining. 

Super Mario Bros

I bet every single person has loved this game and completed it till last but even after that played it many times from the starting without getting bored of this. Super Mario Bros is the successor to the Super Mario developed and published by Nintendo. You can play this game on a single and multiplayer manner. Not that good graphics, very simple gameplay, nothing interesting as compared to the big names yet this game was a super hit.

Need For Speed : Most Wanted

A car racing game by EA ( Electronics Art ) which is considered to be the best car racing game of all time and which is even the best NEED FOR SPEED ever released, this game got released in 2005. NFS is a long series of car racing which was started in  the year 1994 as THE NEED FOR SPEED now they have a list of 23 parts of this series. Need for speed : Most Wanted became famous for its amazing graphics, pursuit chases in the game, drifting events and most importantly customizable fast cars.

Road Rash

Road Rash another hit from the developer and publisher Electronic Arts is a bike racing game that we all must have played in our childhood. This game was all abunt illegal racing on the streets and moving up to another level. Game got introduced in the 1991 was praised by every person at that time. Admit it we all loved to beat the policeman and always took his weapon from him. Maybe this game is now outdated by it is still entertaining and worth playing.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3is the third installment to the Tekken series by NAMCO which was released in 1997. Tekken which was the first part of this fighting game was released in 1994. Even a movie is made on this game. We all played this game and completed this on the same day itself in an hour or before. This game became popular because of its characters and the powers that the character possessed. Most of the people liked the character of Jin and Paul of this game. Currently 10 Tekken Games are in the market to play.

These are some of the games that we all must have played in our childhood and if you have never played these games you missed out something special. Play these games and tell me in the comment bow which one was your favourite.