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How Smartphones Are Affecting Our Life?

Smartphones are the need and demand of current generation and time, without smartphones we all feel very incomplete like we are missing something really important. Smartphones if used for some specific time in a day and for something important is very useful but overuse of this technology can be very harmful for everyone and most of the people are overusing it. With a smartphone you can do work within a few seconds or minutes, it comes with a handy nature which makes it even more popular but with the advantages come the disadvantages too. A smartphone can completely ruin your life and makes you a non productive person. 

Even though I was one of the people who were really addicted to this, I spent my whole day at home just looking at the screen watching videos, playing games, texting, social media. It was really hard to concentrate on anything else at that time but somehow I managed to divert my mind on something more productive and got free from this addiction. Now I Always not to use my smartphone for every small thing instead i prefer using some other sort of thing. 

How smartphones can affect you?

  • Smartphone can create a mental disturbance in you mind and you will feel very tired all day.
  • The rays coming from the display of you smartphones can be harmful if it is used for a prolonged period of time.
  • Smartphone can ruin a relationship with person. Spend more time talking to the other person not looking at your phone while you are together.
  • Your sleep will be compromised, you will not be able to sleep properly if you are using your phone too much.
  • Smartphones are affecting the life of small children, most of the children are addicted to smartphones samed rather than going out for playing games.  
  • Social media apps have ruined the lives of many people, what’s the purpose of clicking pictures of your food? Are you a food blogger or what? Are you getting paid for that? Biggest nonsense thing people do.
  • Making use of smartphone where it is restricted just to post it on social media and make it viral. Hungry for likes!!
  • Radiations of these smartphones are making it worse for other living creatures too.
  • You are getting more and more dumber with overuse of smartphone, Like If 4 friends want to split a bill amount they will not do it manually they will go for calculator even for splitting a simple amount.
  •  Smartphones are the reason behind many accidents on the roads.  

This technology came to make our lives more simple and convenient but we are using it more for our personal entertainment. You can use it for your entertainment as well but not for the whole day, invest you time on something more important which will give you something in return. Keep your smartphones away from your children let them go out and play outside and learn something new and develop their minds.

Hope you all liked this article and enjoyed it while reading, If you have anything in your mind, please let me know in the comment box below. Thank You.